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About the Project

The Hornaday Wildlife Conservation Scrapbook Collection is a digital project of the Wildlife Conservation Society Archives. The WCS Archives documents WCS’s long history of saving wildlife and wild places. To carry out this mission, the Archives collects, identifies, and preserves records created throughout the history of WCS, begun in 1895 as the New York Zoological Society.

This project was made possible by the generous support of the Leon Levy Foundation.

This website makes available ten of the fourteen scrapbooks that compose William T. Hornaday’s self-titled Scrapbook Collection on the History of the Wild Life Protection and Extermination. (The remaining four scrapbooks have not been made available in digital format at this time because they contain significant amounts of copyrighted material.) Like many scrapbooks of this age, these books are very fragile and show signs of deterioration. Digitizing does not preserve them, but it does allow for access to items whose condition otherwise makes this difficult. Digitizing these books also expands access to their contents beyond the walls of the WCS Archives, and we hope that you will share with us how you are using these digital resources.

The pages appear here as they were found at the project’s start in 2012. Every effort was made to protect their condition during the digitization process. Where condition made achieving a high-quality image of the page impossible, the image's record is supplemented with additional description.

In addition to protecting their condition, one of the most challenging aspects of making these scrapbooks available in digital format was the fact that many of the scrapbook pages contain multi-page items. In these cases, the scrapbook pages were photographed repeatedly, with each resulting image displaying the next page in the item. These pages are designated with a letter suffix (e.g. 52b, 104y).

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When citing items from this site, please reference: William T. Hornaday Scrapbook Collection on the History of the Wild Life Protection and Extermination. Collection 1007 (Digital). Wildlife Conservation Society Archives. Web. [Date of access].